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At Bridging The Gap Our Goal

is committed to providing services, programs, and opportunities that substantially improve the lives of Sickle Cell Warriors. In our efforts, we aspire to enhance their quality of life by ensuring access to quality healthcare and patient-oriented services. Our mission is all-encompassing - we are focused on not only addressing immediate health concerns but fostering lasting relationships with the community and partner organizations for ongoing support. Furthermore, we endeavor to inspire Sickle Cell Warriors, equipping them with the skills needed to shape the life they desire. Our ultimate aim lies not just in coping with the condition, but in empowering our warriors to lead a fulfilling, self-determined life.

Sickle cell disease affects people from various parts of the world, not just those of African descent

Sickle cell disease is a health issue that affects people all around the world, not just those with African backgrounds. This disease is common among people whose ancestors come from regions like Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, and some parts of the Americas and the Mediterranean. Since it is found in many different countries and affects various ethnic groups, it's important to remember that sickle cell disease is truly a global concern.

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Supporting Sickle Cell Warriors

We're dedicated to helping our Sickle Cell Warriors thrive!

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